AllPro - Wi-Fi Signal Booster & Hotspot for Quality iTV, Computer, Smart Phone Connections


Turn 1 bar into 5 with the easy to use and easy to install PDQ wi-fi range extender and hotspot. Get the best quality connection anywhere in the RV park or campground. Get faster internet for better video streaming.

Extend Your WiFi Range - Faster Internet Speeds


  • Perfect for laptops, computer networks, iPhones, iPads, and all other wi-fi capable devices
  • Connect to more wi-fi access points with the PDQ wi-fi signal booster
  • The hotspot (4 port wireless router) allows you to connect any wi-fi enabled device wirelessly or wired
  • Enjoy streaming video, streaming music, and faster Internet anywhere in the RV park


  • Uibiquiti all-weather titanium bi-directional amplifier
  • 8dB omni wi-fi antenna
  • Multifunction mounting bracket
    • Mounts flat on a roof
    • Mounts on ladders or rails
    • Mounts vertical to AC units or other antennas
  • Operates on both 12V DC & 110V AC
  • 150 MBps 4 port and wireless router
  • 25ft outdoor shielded CAT5
  • Amplifier and router are pre-programmed for easy setup


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