AllPro Boat Hotspot & Camera Kit - Wi-Fi Signal Booster


  • Extend Your Range up to 25 Miles
  • Includes a 150mbps Router
  • Pre-Programmed Components for Easy Setup
  • 112V or 110V
  • All Wi-Fi Protocols - 802.11 b, g, N
  • HD Camera for Sharp Pictures
  • Infrared or Nightvision
  • On board security system with a motion detector and build in mic


  • 800mW Amplifier for ranges up to 25 miles
  • Amplifier & Router are 12V or 110V - Camera is 110V
  • 4 port wireless router turns your boat or RV into a hotspot for iPads & iPhones
  • All components are pre-programmed for easy installation
  • HD pictures that may be viewed remotely with any Internet enabled device
  • Security system - pick up sound and motion - receive notifcation on your IP device
  • Night vision - keep an eye on things in the dark
  • (Optional) cloud video recording. Keep a video record of your trips

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